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SEO Secrets, Tips and Lies: Inside how Google works for Search Engine Optimization

Google is the world’s #1 search engine. (For more free videos go to This video explores ‘secrets,’ ‘lies,’ and even ‘Easter eggs…

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  1. Steve McKinnie says:

    thanks I’m ranking in my local search

  2. Francis Bik says:

    The is no much secrets in Google SEO but some tricks

  3. jmgrp says:

    Your welcome sound4media. Glad you liked it.

  4. jmgrp says:

    Thanks so much Gio, glad you enjoyed the video. Feel free to visit our
    website for more videos to come.

  5. TechVisible says:

    Good information!

  6. sound4media says:

    Fantastic, thanks

  7. jmgrp says:

    Glad we can help.

  8. Zhe Yan says:

    amazing video, i really learn a lot, thank you very much, are these secrets
    still working right now?

  9. jmgrp says:

    Your welcome. Glad you enjoyed our video. Thanks for watching

  10. jmgrp says:

    Hi Joris, feel free to visit our website and we can definately help you. We
    are pretty easy to contact. Be more than happy to help you find the
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  11. Gio Maximo says:

    Very good informative video about SEO, thanks.

  12. jmgrp says:

    Glad you found it useful.

  13. jmgrp says:

    Your welcome Mohamed. Glad you liked it.

  14. Craig Castanet, D.C. says:

    is he the honey badger?

  15. seotrainingcoursesx says:

    interesting stuff

  16. EverSpark Interactive says:

    That’s always good to know in how Google interprets keyword searches in
    AdWords campaigns. That’s why it’s always good to research the ads once the
    campaigns are active and make any adjustments as necessary.

  17. Fiverr Seo Gigs says:

    Thanks for all the great information and secrets.

  18. jmgrp says:

    Thank you Moemariokart4. Glad you enjoyed the video. Anything else please
    feel free to visit our site often and more videos to come soon.

  19. jmgrp says:

    Thank you.

  20. MoeMarioKart4 says:

    As always Jason, you do not disappoint. Your information is timely and your
    tips rock. The tip on remarketing campaigns is worth every cent of any of
    your classes. As soon as I have a few dollars to spend on my education, I
    am going to enroll in one of your classes. I believe I can leverage that
    one tip. I have 2 clients that it will help. I have been noticing your
    advertizements and wondering how you had targeted me. Very very cool!

  21. jmgrp says:

    LOL honey badger don’t play. Best Wishes.

  22. jmgrp says:

    Glad you liked the video

  23. Jat Anil says:

    this video is exelent

  24. mohamed anas says:

    thank you great infos

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