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SEO For Dummies: How To Rank In Google

So what is SEO and how can you use it to get your sites to rank in Google? Well in this video I’ll explain it all to you – in plain English. I’ll show you the simple SEO tips and techniques…
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24 Responses so far.

  1. Locustmaster15 says:

    This is the only guy you should be watching. Tells everyone what the fuck
    is up, no bullshit, finally, after all these years. Great job bro!!

  2. amazingdany says:

    Don’t be Google’s slave bitch with 2 proven methods:

    1- Forum marketing.

    2- Pinterest.

  3. Drew Grow says:

    What a common name this guy has. I have so many friend who are Lazy Ass
    Stoner’s lol

  4. Ruskie Upuna says:

    You are just brilliant…..thank you so much….for me a dummies just this
    Clip has explained so much….brilliant

  5. Lyubo Kostadinov says:

    I think this method doesn’t work anymore, because all the links from social
    media like Pinterest, Facebook, etc, are “no follow” these days. I’m not
    sure about Tumblr, but It’s the same thing I believe.

  6. mrpaddyyv Gaming - CSGO & more says:

    I really like your videos ! You help me alot :) 

  7. Nick Bender says:

    i think he died of a weed overdose lol he went ghost

  8. Necrosis Pain says:

    This dude’s a genius, that mentalism site is stupidly simple. Like no
    effort lmaoo. 

  9. 3deeguy says:

    This is one of the smartest guy around.

  10. mane alvarez says:

    Hey! Great talk bro! Easy to understand what is all about! love it! Thanks

  11. Alaa Khassa says:

    I disliked this video cuz ur using weed for promotion ..

  12. Ayesha Jamal says:

    HEY CNN BRO! link back to me :D This GUY! :D

  13. Olanrewaju Onakoya says:

    yeah it still works, just watched a video by Matt Cutts that talk about
    same thing

  14. John P Aguirre says:

    Wow!! thanks LAS. Good info and I appreciate al that you do. 

  15. Cathleen Keene says:

    I love your videos! 

  16. The Marketician says:

    Your sir, are a HERO ! #NoHype #NoBullshit dude!!

  17. Karen Stewart says:

    Hi Jay, Great videos.Thanks so much. Should I create permalink pages on my
    website with my keyword niches or should I create many websites around the
    low competition niches.

  18. My Webspace Business says:

    Search for Lazy Ass Stoner on Youtube, this guy knows all the secrets to
    making money online, watch his videos they are very helpful

  19. W Dean says:

    how much do you make with adsense with 50 pageveiws a day

  20. geordie george says:

    love the vids stoner… i have a lot to learn as far as affilating goes…

  21. Zoliqa says:

    Are you high?

  22. Jason Nauss says:

    turn $10 into multiple $10 in your bank account :-) )

  23. Swift Media Creatives says:

    Nicely done video! Social Engine Optimization is awesome!

  24. oussama benchiba says:

    this guy is a Damn genuis

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