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How to upload a transcript to YouTube videos to improve SEO – Perry Digital Media – Video Tips.mp4

How to upload a transcript to YouTube videos to improve SEO - Perry Digital Media - Video Tips.mp4

Need more eyeballs to view your YouTube videos? Aside from the title, description, and tags, search engines like Google also index transcripts. Learn how to …
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  1. Mervin Jardine says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Additionally I want to mention that I use
    youtube to bring more visitors to my website since i am a video marketer,
    and I believe this video is very helpful. I’d recommend that you go to my
    channel on youtube and find out more regarding what i do for the benefit of
    my business *(how to get unlimited traffic, channel popularity, increase
    income, and much more…)*. to your success!!!

  2. Alix Gallardo says:

    Thank you very much Jason! Very usefull, now we can cut out “Final Cut” by
    using this powerfull tool!

  3. BattleSoul says:

    2:01 there is a “bum” in the file archive lol..

  4. Eilidh Milnes says:

    Easy when you know how eh? Much obliged Jason already added two
    transcripts thanks to your most helpful tutorial :)

  5. Dartford SEO says:

    Thanks Jason this was really useful and I am sure it will help with our
    search engine optimization efforts

  6. Darlene Downing says:

    Thank you Jason. Super helpful!

  7. Eilidh Milnes says:

    Easy to follow video on how to add transcriptions to your YouTube videos.

  8. Joshua StudioArt says:

    Great stuff. Thanks for the video.

  9. tybuddy100 says:

    what do i do if i dont have any text editor

  10. Ian Piepenbrock says:

    Yup, same here. No indexing at all… I hope Google/Youtube will speak on
    the Transcript matter soon…

  11. Jason Perry says:

    In TextEdit, Click Fortmat, Make Plain Text. It will convert rtf to txt.

  12. monmarfori says:


  13. Hannah Castello says:

    Great video thanks for presentation clear and professional

  14. Ileane Smith says:

    Nice video! I’m using the captions YouTube provide and editing them
    instead. It seems to work out pretty good. Thanks.

  15. Brooks Security says:

    Thank you

  16. MicroDelights says:

    This video is not only thorough and well-presented; it’s easy to
    understand. Thank you.

  17. bridgegood says:

    I have a question … can we use .pages files ?

  18. Geshsi says:

    This will be a useful information for me! Thank you

  19. dominico laude says:

    very helpful…awesome..

  20. Jason Perry says:

    That sounds like a great time saving idea. Thanks for sharing.

  21. learn share says:

    Yes i’am using to, it’s very helpful and work’s wonderful :-)

  22. Richard Petrie says:

    good tips thanks

  23. TaoMarx says:

    Very nice video, working like a charm, thank you!

  24. Jesse Mason says:

    This was SUPER helpful – thanks!!

  25. WhoIsBrass says:

    very helpful tutorial. thanks for sharing!

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