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Social Surge – Social Media on Steroids

Social Media Scheduler and much more…

social media software

  • Save hours of time on your social networks
  • Increase your engagement, likes and success
  • Easily find and post relevant content & videos
  • Schedule days or weeks of content in minutes
  • Manage your social networks in one place

Most of you use a social media scheduler like Hootsuite or Buffer which really help you organize your social media posts for the week or even the month. The problem is getting the info in the first place, not the personal stuff but the major ‘bread and butter’ stuff that makes your social media accounts look interesting.

Well, have no fear this new social media scheduler allows you to not only upload images into templates so your quotes and cute pics look professional it also allows you to search Google news, YouTube and FB groups to find the best content, you can then schedule it into either your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest social media accounts or all of them.

Here is the link to the Social Media Scheduler Software

Its quite straight forward to see all the functions, but here is an overview.

The 6 tabs are Home; Scheduler; Visual Composer; Streams, Stats and Research

Home – Obvious
Scheduler – Lets you see what posts have been scheduled
Visual Composer – 42 templates to make your pics and post look professional. Choose a template, upload an image, enter your text and post.
Streams – Allows you to see your social stream
Stats – This has 5 sub tabs, allows you to see Overview – Traffic; Locations; Content; Hashtags; Best Times
Research – The most powerful function of this software. It allows you to search on Google News, YouTube, Facebook, RSS Feeds and Trending using your preferred Keywords.

Find the content that is interesting, add your website URL, add hashtags and search for hashtags. Then post to the social network of your choice.

This is a FREE 14 days trial

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