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Social Media Strategies

social media strategies

Social Media Strategy Service

Like it or not, Social Media is here to stay.

Getting the right social signals back to your site is so important and affects your rankings in all search engines. Remember also that Social Media is always evolving, constantly check on Google for updates and new tips on all the five major social media sites.

The golden rule of social media is:

‘Do not sell on Social Media’

The reason is simple, you are on social media to be social, the last thing you want is to buy something from a relative stranger. Imagine this….You are out socialising with your friends in a pub or bar (on social media network) everyone is having fun, a friend walks in a say ‘I have this great phone, it the latest technology, want to buy it’ although you maybe after a phone, you really dont want to buy one then and there.

Remember this when you post on all social media, hard selling may get you a few sales, but getting a hugh amount of buying customers takes a little more effort.

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