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Improve video search rankings with simple SEO tip [Creator’s Tip #43] ►The URL you use to share your channel on YouTube actually makes a difference in both your channel’s and video’s ranking in search. In fact, this little video SEO tip moves some people’s videos from ranking in the 30s to moving it to the number 1 search result! We explain it and how it works in this week’s Creator’s Tip video. To read a bit more about this video SEO tip, read this article: QUESTION: Has this video SEO tip made a difference in search rank for your videos? SUBSCRIBE FOR OTHER VIDEO TIPS AND NEWS! SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE RSS FEED SUBSCRIBE TO OUR EMAIL LIST! Creator’s Tip is a weekly show that helps online video producers with tips, tricks, advice, secrets, and suggestions for how to make their videos stand out on the web. LET’S CONNECT!
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