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Day 3 – How To SEO Your YouTube Videos -FREE-Video Course By Brand Personalization FREE 30 Day Video Marketing Course! Daily Sept Video Posted! Follow Along In Real Time! In this Lesson To SEO Your YouTube Videos Dustin Salmons guides you through how to SEO your YouTube videos. Tips on title, description, and tags for the best response. Now that we know how to upload our videos, Let’s see if we can get someone else to help promote them! Day 3 — How to SEO Your YouTube Videos by Brand Personalization Channel update — 57 Channel Views 127 Total Upload views 109 Friends First and foremost when SEO’ing your videos you should concentrate on your title. The title will show up in the search engines so make sure it is keyword relevant, not spammy. The title should be informative and descriptive. Think about what people might type into the search engines when searching for the information your video(s) have to offer. Description — Have your main URL in the beginning, Keep the first sentence short and sweet but very descriptive. Most important information goes in the first 87 characters to increase click throughs. If you haven’t captured the viewers attention in the first few seconds you have lost them, the sheer magnitude of videos being uploaded to YouTube can be overwhelming to your average searcher. The description should consist of 2 sentences; the first being the bread and butter of what it is and the second will be supporting — same idea as a heading and sub heading for a blog post. The more information you add to the

YouTube Video SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a series of best practices to get your video to rank for the keywords that viewers are searching for. AND With over 30 hours of new videos being uploaded to YouTube every minute it is more important than ever to make sure your video is optimized to reach your intended audience. Visit me on the Web: Bedding Music Homebase Groove by Kevin MacLeod Ending Music Living Voyage by Kevin MacLeod Want to learn how to make clickable buttons in your video? http

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