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What kind of practice is better to learn to create the site? …..?

Sat question : What type of practice is better to learn for website creation ….. I am using Dreamweaver as an editor … But I need some suggestions on how to get started creating websites .. I hav so many questions .. plz do reply .. Thank you in advance! 1.My friend suggested I modify an existing template and learn on your own … He says it is the best practice to learn. But I want to know what is the best practice to learn and create? 2.Which is the effective way to create layouts? bcoz I looked everywhere .. But I force a better answer for that! Many using Grid layout, tables, div etc etc … I will finish my third basement in the next 3 months … after that i hav to look for jobs related to web design …. I need some advice on the use … and suggest me a way to learn wisely ….. Web designing is my future.I really love so … Plz do reply! Best answer: Response


option 1
as your friend said is an effective way to learn front end development, I learned this way. And what do you mean exactly with the creation of layouts? Coding or make them from scratch? Can create layouts in Adobe Photoshop and rely for HTML and CSS files so that you can use for websites. Add your own answer in the comments!

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