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SEO Video Tutorials – A DIY Approach to Economical Search Engine Optimization

SEO Video Tutorials – A DIY Approach to Economical Search Engine Optimization

Article by Hans Storrie

SEO Video Tutorials – A DIY Approach to Economical Search Engine Optimization – Business – Training

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Any online business struggling to get ranked in the search engines for their chosen keywords may very well find this article a refreshing change, and possibly a life-saver, when it comes to getting their business website noticed by prospective customers.

With thousands of SEO companies popping up on a daily basis promising a top-ten ranking in the search engines, and with SEO packages ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, it’s no wonder that more and more businesses are looking for economical search engine optimization strategies that fit within their budget, or seo techniques that can even be implemented on a ‘DIY’ basis as a much cheaper alternative.

You see, many businesses are focusing mainly on highly-competitive keywords when realistically they should be focusing on keywords which are much less competitive, and with just a little research they can be found quite easily and implemented in a very short time.

Understanding a little about your website visitors can go a long way into giving them exactly what they want, without costing you anything to achieve, except a little of your time.

Let’s take a simple scenario…

Let’s assume your website sells wine glasses. To rank high for ‘wine glasses’ would virtually take a lifetime on its own because this keyword phrase is already highly competitive. With over 12 million web pages containing this keyword phrase, at the time of writing this article, what chance do you think your business has of achieving a first page presence on Google, if you’re website isn’t even ranking well to start with? Zero!

So how can you get your website ranked and have your business making more sales without owning Google, or any other search engine for that matter?

Here’s how…

Go to Google’s free keyword search tool: and type in ‘wine glasses’ and you’ll be shown hundreds of keywords related to wine glasses. Find keyword phrases that are less competitive but sill get a lot of monthly searches.

Now, I know for a fact that if your business sold these types of glasses, you’d probably be selling many varying kinds, for instance: long stem wine glasses, short stem, crystal wine glasses, white wine glasses, personalized wine glasses. So how can you use this to your advantage?

Quite easily! Build single web pages focusing on ‘buyer keywords’.

So what is a buyer keyword?

Normally a 3,4,5 even a six-word phrase that focuses exactly what a customer is looking for. For instance, if someone was looking for ‘personalized waterford crystal wine glasses’, they are more likely to be in a buying mood than someone just looking for wine glasses.

So, if I was in the wine glass business and I sold these types of wine glasses, I would be building myself a keyword-specific web page and calling it: personalized-waterford-crystal-wine-glasses.html. I’d also ensure my web page title tags, H1 tags, description and keyword tags are all configured to contain this specific term.

Do this with other related wine glass phrases, or whatever niche you specialize in, and it won’t be too long before you do actually rank for your main keyword phrase, without actually optimizing for the highly-competitive ones.

About the Author

Hans Storrie from shows businesses how to get free targeted traffic to their websites without paying a penny in advertising. His free SEO Video Tutorials reveal ‘step-by-step’ instructions so that anyone can carry out some simple ‘DIY’ SEO, get their website ranked, and save themselves a small fortune in the bargain.

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Hans Storrie

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