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seo Strategy Advice Please?

Question by Diddygonewild: seo Strategy Advice Please?
I don’t have $ 1,000/month to pay an SEO firm so i decided to learn it myself. I have a niche website (engineering CAD video training, I’m an engineer) and I’m serious about getting it to take off. I paid an expert to do research, there is a market and competition isn’t too bad. From my research, the best strategy seems to be to write articles on my wordpress blog using the seo plugin that gives me a green circle if the article is optimized and submit it to with a backlink. I have written a few articles for specific keywords using google keyword tool with low competition and decent traffic but not seen much results. What should I do, keep writing and hope I’ll see results soon or do I need to do something differently? How many articles per week should I write?

Thanks a lot for the help!

Best answer:

Answer by WealthyChange
You don’t need to pay for any “experts.” Everything you need to learn about SEO is already out there on the web and basing on your description, you are already on the right track. You just have to be patient though, and keep on updating your content. You can also promote your site via social media sites in order for your site to gain traffic.

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  1. Doodled says:

    What you are doing is actually killing your site!

    By writing an article on your blog and then posting it on an article website you are creating duplicate content which results in a Google penalty.

    This “green circle” SEO plugin. Think about it. Does the person who made the plugin know how Google works? Nope, none of us do. Is the plugin free or cheap? Then lots of people will be using it.

    I read your article “How to use Solidworks”. It’s spammy to the point of keyword stuffing – you’ll also get a penalty for that.

    So FIRST: decide which keywords you will target. Take out PPC campaigns and measure if those keywords actually result in sales. Remove the ones that don’t.

    SECOND: Write some quality articles (1,000 words+) that actually say something. Your current ones say nothing so I would not link to it, share it, bookmark it, tweet it, etc.

    THIRD: make a site which is genuinely useful. For my SEO business I have this site:
    See? Full of useful information which shows I know what I’m talking about. It ranks highly (e.g. google “How to SEO your website”) and it brings me lots of customers…

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