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Q & A: I’m looking for great ways to promote my website, exchange links. I have real estate and mortgage web site

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question SJMan I’m looking for great ways to promote my website, exchange links. I have a mortgage and real estate website website I want to spread the word about my website and increase my site ranking enlarge Best answer:.

Answer by Joan B
better to invest in a good website. NAR 2005 Profile of Buyers and Sellers Showing 77% of buyers used the Internet in their search! This is a very large number! Everyone wants to be on the first page of search results! If you think it will be EZ, I have a good deal on a bridge for you! …. The best thing is I have personally used a company (link below) has made a site bids for 250,000 my site. It worked great. But the results now take a few mois.Donc, get high placement for your keywords! Even When indexed by search engines, it will not help you if your keyword appears in the course page 987 Everyone would like their keywords to appear on page one, two or three of the results returned. But I want to win the lottery! Then? What will you do? One thing is for sure …. it will not be EZ! Need GOOD content / informative! Without it, you will be wasting your time on other méthodes.Ci below some information can help you …… When someone types a specific phrase in a search engine major Usually, the results show 10 per page site. These sites “organic” are framed in Benthic, usually on all sides by ads pay-per-click.Donc website, in theory, you should have your site SEO Placed on page one, two or three organic results returned really enjoy the power of the Internet! As in the example. If someone wanted a New York real estate broker in San Diego, they would, perhaps typing “San Diego Real Estate Brokers” in Google. If you do this today (rankings change all the time), after the pay- per-click and ‘local results’ you will see the first site is: Want to see say (top right) “Results 1 – 10. From about 5.08 million San Diego real estate “broker So, you want to see the site thatthis a broker (not a major real estate firm) A row over five million other sites for this VERY estate search PEOPLE sentence Pretty impressive! After reviewing the site, I also noticed a lot of useful information in a timely manner to follow EZ site. This is very important! Because without good content you’ll never have a site ORIGINAL ! leading But I also found on one of the internal pages, the name of the company was referencing this site they are:. http://www.websitetrafficbuild … I also visited their site, and found it too has a high Google PageRank. Moreover, they have great articles on SEO and software to learn how to make your own SEO.Les bad news is everything is real work SEO to get on the first page of Google is very time intensive. has a program guaranteed results … but as it starts at $ 3,950.00, it’s really not for little personne.J ‘I downloaded their free trial SEO software, a few days ago, so I have not used! However, I am really learing a lot for the free software. If you put it in to ebook, I am sure that they could sell lots of copies! * Thus, on the first link below is a site made about ten offers site and Blog Awards. They are free and even provide a link to your site! Moreover, they show Visitors to your site are still above the rest. Keep in mind, to get the price that you have to have good information on your site and not only undesirable w / jump graphics and tons of AdWords , Thus, the bottom line, get their FREE TRIAL SOFTWARE and even if you do nothing else … You learn a lot about SEO people who earn their living in the

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