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My New Sites SEO ………………..?

Question by : My New Sites SEO ………………..?
I am fairly new to SEO and started my first website just 48hours to go. I want to get listed, obviously 2 days isn’t too far into the SEO stage.

Its the pc trainer one in my sig, just wondered if anyone had any pointers to get the ball rolling.

I have:
Created a couple articles – posted to ezine and article blast
pinged my blog every time I added a new post
ensured my video tutorials mention my site on youtube so people might go from there to my site.

Anything else I should be doing?

Is my on-site seo suitable? I am after the keyword ‘pc trainer’

Best answer:

Answer by kishor nayak
SEO takes time and effort, you are in the right direction. I suggest that you do some link building for your keyword. Link building is best done by commenting on related high traffic blogs and forums.

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