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Is there a good free blogging site that can host videos?

Question by Tyler: Is there a good free blogging site that can host videos?
I want to start a blog with video tutorials, but I want the videos to be only accessable from my blog. I’m not sure if this is possible, but I don’t want to link all videos to Youtube or some other similar service. I would like a nice, effective, free (or relativley cheap-no more than a couple bucks a month) blogging site which can host videos.

If possible, I’d like a site where I get my own domain name. An example of this is They have a blog that would fit the bill perfectly, but with all my research I haven’t been able to figure out what host they have.

Thanks in advance!

Best answer:

Answer by DJ
I think that I have a free solution for you.

It is a free hosting package that offers either 250 or 350 MB in disk space. (They are not clear, their pages contradict each other.)

Anyway, I uploaded a 100 MB dummy zip file to their server to see if they would be fast enough to host streaming media. The average speed that I am getting seems to be about 275 KB/ sec, fast enough to stream. This morning I managed to download the test file at 735 KB/ sec, which is very impressive.

There is a dummy 100 MB zip file here: (test for yourself)

The free account that they give you can either be on your domain name, or on their ugly net78 domain name. For my purpose, I wanted to see what completely free would do.

I am going to use their free accounts to help with SEO.

If you want multiple videos, just register once with your own domain, and then create several free net78 account to host video. You can hyper link to the ugly domains from your nice one.

HTML example:
Watch Video

This was you can host all you want with only the minor headache of having to keep track of a few accounts.

For my test, I used Cpanel to install a custom WordPress Blog, then I uploaded the big file using FTP.

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