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I need some help Topic- Successful with working from Home?

Question by Miranda: I need some help Topic- Successful with working from Home?
Okay, I’m new to submitting a question on Yahoo.
I’m a full-time Stay @Home Mother. As of two years ago. I have 3 Children with one in school and one starting this next August. I’m so eager to get back to work out of my house. I was in the medical Field and it was just cheaper to stay at home because Daycare is do darn expensive! Anyway, I want to see if there are any Mothers out here that have been successful with “WORKING” from home. Not wanting to sell MaryKay or whatever. I’m talking about Marketing or using the internet.Posting things or whatever the case might be. I’m a go getter. I keep myself Active all day!! House,dinner,yard! I’m one hell of a house wife. Lately, I’m so ready to start looking for something eles I can keep busy at. at the same time Making Money. I am a committed Woman in everything I do. My husband is A successful Branch Manager has been at his company for 14 years. I’m just wanting to feel better about myself and wish someone could give me a shot at doing some online or whatever work for them. If anyone has any ideas for me that isn’t a scam or bull please feel free to email me. Thanks

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Answer by Jake
Firstly let me mention that one deadly effective fake news blog ad that’s been run for some time depicting a work at home mom earning $ 6k a month part time is BS, these ads originally were titled Work at Home for Google, until some 50 sites were sued over it, it turned out you ge mediocre information on buying Google advertising for affiliate marketing, and an unauthorized $ 89 credit card rebill.

Other scams are examined in this TV investigation

All that busy work, surveys, paid to click, and a lot of so called data entry will earn you little money.
those with marketable skills can find work on freelance marketplaces like, or the wild west of freelance sites online freelancers made nearly $ 1 Billion last year, Elance alone paid out $ 200 Milion in 2012
while most are technical, design jobs there are also writing and virtual assistant jobs on these sites as well.

Sounds like with some guidance from hubby you could have a leg up, if you create a business with the longer game in mind, establishing yourself as some sort of expert you might be able to do better than minimum wage, which you may be facing doing mundane outsourcing work.

Most people who try to make money on the internet fail, some because they gave up after their first failing exercise which seems to be unavoidable in finding your place.

A lot of the internet marketing process involves making a bunch of tiny advancements, like visiting hundreds of sites, making contributions so you can get one more link to your business, sounds like your keep busy mentality might help in this.

Some paid training/tutorial material would probably be helpful, there’s countless recycled crap out there, exaggerated earnings claims are par for the course. One popular hangout for marketing rookies from around the world is, there is a (WSO) section of relatively cheap member authored material, some good. Don’t just drink one brand of cool aid, consult a few different sources to get a more balanced education, just don’t be one of those only consumes educational material but doesn’t act, some of those initial failings can be the most valuable learning exercises.

One ‘university level’ coaching/training site that has lowered prices since their glory days of charging $ 800/mo is there are several recognized experts in the field on their staff, last I saw it was now $ 197/mo I see they offer some free stuff that might give you a feel for things, one could join for a month and consume as much of their considerable canned training as possible, some of which may be a bit dated now.

People venturing into affiliate marketing most commonly start at Commission Junction ( for physical products, and for digital download “how to” (often crap) titles where zero reproduction costs allow them to pay 50% or higher commissions. With 100,000+ Clickbank affiliates out there you can’t expect to just put up a web page and collect the money

For much affiliate marketing, having a popular information web site, most often using a blog platform can be the best way to refer people, rather than using paid advertising which can be a quick way to lose money, if you are a competent writer you can start the slow process of developing a site that gets free search traffic for a particular niche. SEO, the process of convincing the search engines you have a substantial site, is an unavoidable part of the game.

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