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How are meta tags added to blogger?

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Question by Michael: How are meta tags added to blogger?
I know that I have to edit the page code, not an individual post code, please explain how meta tags work, and where I must place this tag so that blogger is satisfied and I can see an increase in hits.

Best answer:

Answer by Robert Tracz
This is not a simple answer as you will see. I will explain what you need to do in detail.

Meta tags are HTML tags that are unseen by visitors but available to search engines to help them discover your blog. Blogger is not properly optimized for SEO.

How to Add Meta Tags to a Blogger Blogspot Blog Home Page
1. Login to Blogger if not already logged in

2. Navigate to Layout > Edit HTML

3. Back up your template as a precaution by downloading full template.

4. Check the Expand Widget Templates box

5. Find these lines which will be near the top of your template:

<data:blog .pageTitle></data:blog>

6. Paste the following code immediately below <data:blog .pageTitle></data:blog>

7. Enter your blog description between the single quote marks under description. Maximum 150 characters

8. Enter the keywords of your blog between the single quote marks under keywords. Ensure you separate each keyword or keyword phrase by a comma. Make sure your keywords do not exceed 200 characters

9. Click on the Save Template button

10. To see your description in action you can either navigate to your blog’s home page and click on view source in your browser. In Internet Explorer you will find this option in the view menu. A text document will appear which you can scroll through. You will see your description near the top of the document. Alternatively you can check your description in a free Meta Tag Analyzer tool such as Submit Express or SEO Centro

How to Add Meta Tags to a Blogger Blogspot Blog Individual Post
1. Follow steps 1 to 4 as for adding meta tags to the Home Page

2. Add the following in the section of your Blogger template. Enter this code below the Home Page code above you have just entered:

Here is an example of optimized meta tags for this post:

3. Add your post URL, keywords and description. To find the URL of your post navigate to the post’s page and copy the link showing in the address bar of your browser including the http:// prefix

4. Click on the Save Template button

5. To check your description you can use the view source in your browser once you have navigated to the post page or a meta tag analyzer

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