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Google site when a bean Thurs – In Seo?

question Murari s : In Seo – Thurs beans when google any site ? Seo google Thurs beans when any site – plz send me factor data haricotComment know if you have been banned by GoogleComment we verify that our website is banned by Google and why Google has banned our sitesSi research sites is prohibited other — then SE is prohibited or not (if not then google yahoo prohibited or not) I want to add this video process is ajoutplz send me the url (page video clip Best answer :

Answer by Random Guy

Firstly, I understand English may not be your first language, but it would probably be useful if you try to fix it so that at least what you write is logique.Deuxièmement in beans, I guess you meant ban. Google wants to ban any site that does not feel A) violates their terms of service (TOS) or b) be (negatively) affect their clients or the public or the overall user experience. There could be many (millions) of why they ban a site and there is no way to know for sûr.Pour check if a site has been banned, you can try to look for key words see if your site is up at all or by contacting Google directly to see if it has been blacklisted. This is the easiest method. If your site is banned from Google or not, it does not affect Yahoo or any other search engine in the meantime. Blogger is a blogging platform Google owns. Depending on where the source video is coming from, you must include the encoding in the post for blogger to show it publicly. There is no single source that I will reply, without knowing where you host the video in general. Give your answer to this question below!

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