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Did SEO change too much since 2006?

Question by dsarf f: Did SEO change too much since 2006?
Hi, I got a series of SEO, tutorial videos, but the problem is that they are from 4 years ago (2006), the video tutorials, kind of take you from A to Z, with SEO. Do you think that using the strategies that I learn, I will be successful? And how can I update myself? Thank you.
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Answer by Jakester
As the search engines become smarter, some seo ‘tricks’ like stuffing keywords on the page, putting deceptive information in the meta data no longer work. The talk about changes of the Google site evaluation criteria, wiping out some businesses that solely relied on having high search positioning. These changes effecting both organic and ppc search results have been refereed to as the Google Slap.

Most honest SEO advice from 2006 should still be helpful, I imagine your tutorials may be light on the benefits of web 2.0 social sites. Advice on link exchanges, meta data or masking text may not be as useful as in 2006.

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