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web site by WordPress: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

web site by WordPress: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way to design and run your website so you become more popular in search engines. Search engines are the main driver of …
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  1. Moise Ioan says:

    I just use *SPEEDRANKSEO. COM* . I get my website to the front page of
    google in few days

  2. milan zivkovic says:

    The quickest way to get top rank of google is by making use of this seo
    strategy *SPEEDRANKSEO. COM*

  3. Vivek Choudhary says:

    web site by WordPress: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  4. Ja Gu says:

    thanks, very useful!!

  5. Chris Walker says:

    Go to the back End –> SEO –> Titles and Meta –> Home Tab –> “Meta
    description template” Put in that box what you want it to say on the home
    page for meta description. That’s what Google will look for in its

  6. Spook SEO says:

    It’s important for WP sites to add some of the update services. Depending
    on the website’s crawl rate, it will take time before search engines notice
    your new posts. Because of this, they will not be indexed right away and
    that means you might be missing organic opportunities. With the update
    services, WP lets you speed this process.

  7. cindsheil says:

    this tutorial is very helpful, thanks for sharing…..

  8. Barry Bernau says:

    Excellent!!! Thank you for the helpful tutorial!

  9. twilk24 says:

    Search Engines only love more content if it is quality and relevant

  10. MasterBodyLanguage says:

    hey man great video! Always trying to tweak my blog.. I also liked the tip
    at the end, “make small tweaks, not large ones every month”

  11. seosnatch says:

    You obviously know more than your piers about your business.

  12. VibesGuide says:

    Can I get some help setting me blog?

  13. Chris Walker says:

    I wouldn’t trust that. The best way to get Google rank is to build the
    links yourself. Get a blog with 300+ words per post. Link to your website
    using the terms you want to be found with. Post often. Be genuine. Software
    like that will probably give you a boost for a little while, but it’s only
    a matter of time before Google figures out what they are doing. Then Google
    will do a Panda or Penguin update to hurt them. Google “” to
    see the phrase “This site may be compromised.”

  14. sir1980123 says:


  15. Shontae Franklin says:

    Please need some help, not rich tooth and nail built my own website. Paid
    Godaddy search engine visibility. Just learned because I used wordpress
    instead of their website building the visibility I purchased I have to
    transfer the code myself. Let me explain. I just climbed a huge mountain
    see the top feel relief, get to the top and see 100 more hills to climb is
    what they just did. Can you help or recommend a not so costly help? This

  16. Hellen Koman says:

    I make my money whit ONLINEJOBSFROMHOME.UPHERO.COM ! I am very happy
    because I can work at home without set schedule and I am with my
    family.This system really works !!I work online few hours a day and I earn
    one nice salary !!

  17. Chris Walker says:

    You should try the Yoast Plugin. He also makes a plugin for Google
    Analytics. Both are free.

  18. Caillou573 says:

    very useful, thanks !

  19. NASConline says:

    I work for the National Association of Solution Providers and Channel
    Partners (NASC) and would like your permission to re-post this video on our

  20. Chris Walker says:

    @21chittu I tried that, but the first video was 25 minutes, and I really
    wanted to do this in one sitting. I thought, “Well, there is a pause button
    isn’t there?” Believe me, this is the fastest video I have. I’m not crazy
    about it, but this was the closest I could get to what I wanted.

  21. James Stafford says:

    Thanks for the information.

  22. thehostler0 says:

    Thank you!

  23. Winston Willow says:

    I have the yoast plugin but when you google Winston & Willow you dont get
    the slogan for the website after it.. I have tried and tried and believe i
    have it set correct in yoast could this be an issue with my theme? or some
    code imported somewhere? or that the plugin seo by yoast doesnt work

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