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Marketing Los Angeles CALL 818-307-7879 SEO, Social Media, Internet Marketing, Web Promotion

Marketing in Los Angeles CA Did you know that over 50% of all web traffic is Video? We want to help you capitalize on today’s growing trends. Video and Marke…
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Video Marketing Los Angeles* (Video Marketing for YouTube) |Google’s 1st Page!| htt…

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  1. PictureInHerPocket says:


  2. kenbobv2 says:

    Subscribed! That was awesome

  3. Tuartistapreferido2 says:

    whoa that video was so epic!!!

  4. ChArYzMaTiC says:

    I subscribed, subscribe to me?

  5. honeymoon0208 says:

    That was amazing!

  6. FBHackAndCheatz19 says:

    Where did you learn to do that?

  7. eltrangalangaz says:

    HAHAHA awesome this is really funny

  8. Chandra Myune says:

    hey youre awesome!!!

  9. Jay Dinshaw says:

    Bloody amazing!

  10. ScreenResolutions says:

    0:11 that was the funniest part

  11. iamasais says:


  12. sulzata89 says:


  13. Brian Jones says:

    I love you so much.

  14. max pain says:

    I love your Vidz

  15. Greg King says:

    Thanks for the comment. Work with some awesome people

  16. film344 says:

    Subbed, keep it up

  17. Spiiiiiii says:

    Thumbs uped, favorited, and subscribed!

  18. qazzy moto says:

    Nice work.

  19. themakc3 says:

    i like i like :P cool video tahnk you for this one

  20. Tuan Nguyen van says:

    love it

  21. ruffelcopter says:

    Lol great work,cant wait for more!


    You should send that in people would watch it.

  23. HardstyleGermany11 says:

    ok that was sick

  24. Hoang Hon says:

    Nice vid! :D Halo Reach is awesome :)

  25. leatherfacenigga says:

    I can see you being big on youtube in the future

  26. Carlos Caridad says:

    Example of a video on Google’s first page for the search: video marketing
    los angeles”:
    *Video Marketing Los Angeles* Your (You Tube Video on Google’s 1st Page!)

  27. Eric Mowrey says:

    How do I get my Videos on the first page of google?

  28. SEOLosAngeles says:

    4 to 8 weeks for new videos Eric. It depends on the niche and the
    competition. Some times it’s less than 4 weeks if the video has been
    posted for 6 months or more.

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