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How (and Why) to Perform a DIY SEO Site Audit

How (and Why) to Perform a DIY SEO Site Audit
While a thorough SEO site audit is usually best left to professionals, those who aren't steeped in SEO can still perform high-level audits of their websites' performance, often using free online tools. Here are some top DIY SEO site audit tips and best …
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SEO Weekly Roundup: Google Knowledge Graph Now Appearing On 25% of
Google's Knowledge Graph is now showing on roughly 25% of searches, according to Steven Levy, writing at Medium. In an in-depth article looking at the evolution of Google Search, Levy claims that “Google won't say officially what percentage of queries …
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How to Optimize Google Search Results for Pictures as Well as Words
Back in 2007, Google introduced "Universal" search results which combined results from general (text), news, video, image and book search results. It's also called "blended" search because it "blends" all types of web results together. Ever since …
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YouTube will produce its own Super Bowl halftime show featuring popular video
YouTube is typically the place people go to find their favorite Super Bowl ads before and after the game, but the video streaming service wants to serve an even larger purpose this year. According to the official YouTube blog, the site is planning to …
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