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"Dark Times" in Azerbaijan

"Dark Times" in Azerbaijan
NEW YORK. October 8, 2014: The depiction by Azerbaijan's foreign minister of summer 2014 “as a particularly dark time” in an October 2 speech at the Council of Europe couldn't have been more fitting to describe the state of human rights in his own country.
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Time for Sanctions on Baku
As the West has turned its attention to the Islamic State and the Ukraine crisis, the government of President Ilham Aliyev has expanded its crackdown on dissenting voices in Azerbaijan with harassment, threats, beatings, and arrests. Even American …
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Headed Home? NBC News Freelancer is Coming Home to the U. S…With Ebola
By now U. S. residents and citizens must be wondering why people known to have been diagnosed with Ebola while out of the country are still being allowed to enter the United States? And, knowing that America has the medicine to treat those diagnosed …
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