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Affiliate Marketing Software Tool Review: Commission Autopilot Test

Affiliate Marketing Software Tool Review: Commission Autopilot Test

Article by Mik Horton

Affiliate Marketing Software Tool Review: Commission Autopilot Test – Marketing

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Welcome to a detailed commission autopilot review and live proof that the software is a must have niche marketing software for 2012. You are going to find out about an easy to use marketing tool for driving hits to any affiliate links in this affiliate marketing tool review.

<h1>Affiliate Marketing Tool Review: Commission Autopilot Review</h1>

Commission Autopilot utilizes 18 high traffic websites which have a combined monthly visitor count of well over 20 million visitors. Most of these sites are considered authorithy sites by the search engines. Just by submitting keyword optimized content you can get top search engine positions in google and bing. The secret behind this tool is document sharing. You can think of it as article marketing in the old days, when keyword rich niche articles on Ezinearticles was capable of going into the top 10 search results for niche keywords. This system makes this possible again for its users.

I will start this Affiliate Marketing Tool Review by showing You how to create that content with this tool. It has only one field You gotta fill out to launch the creation of optimized Documents. Put in Your main keyword. Afterwards press the launch button. The software will then search the search engines for optimized articles and show its findings in the window. Highlight the content you plan to work with. When this is done You click on the settings window where You insert a text that can be added to the article. It is this window where You insert the website address You want to drive traffic to. And now You’re ready. Commission Autopilot will save your document as a PDF and You have SEO optimzed content you can submit.

<h2>Review of Commission Autopilot – The Features of the Software</h2>

The next part of the affiliate marketing tool review deals with content submitter. Click the Browse button to choose the documents for submission. Selected documents will be listed in the field below. You can then add one or more titles in the second text area. BY adding several headline the tool will automatically rotate the titles for different sites. Select the category which is related to Your niche. The more accurate You make it, the more hits you can get. The last step is the addition of your documents description. Add a link in here too. You are now ready to blast out your document(s) to all the high traffic sites by hitting the send button.

An affiliate with only a little knowledge about how to select niche keywords can use this instantly. I got my content listed on top 10 search engine positions in under one day and they got hundreds of visitors per day. Even if You promote not so profitable niches which only makes You a little money per niche You can scale up your cashflow by duplicating the process with additional niche markets. Because of the fully automated content creation it just takes minutes to try out an additional niche market.

One of my documents i made are listed on place 2 – 5 in google and bing for keywords that have 5 Million results and I got 1st positions already. In many cases my sites which are getting backlinks from the subnmitted content also appear due to the authority links they get from the submitted content. I can only recommend commission autopilot though. I hope You enjoyed this commission autopilot review

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