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SEO google rankings in 18 minutes flat gets you instant top 10 google rankings – In fact the video above shows you how I get a top ten google ranking in under 18 minutes. WPsocialpipes is a wordpress plugin that gets you authority backlinks for each post you publish – not only does it create a auto link back to your actual post but it will also shorten your urls using 301 permanent redirects ensuring you get all the link juice you need. WPSocial pipes works by pushing your published wordpress posts/pages to pixelpipe, and hellotxt – the cool features and twists that the plugin supports is what makes this a bloggers dream
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Video Sitemaps for Google Video SEO – Learn how to create XML video sitemaps for Google ► This is a recording of a free webinar put on by with Google. We had Google teaching attendees how to create, and submit a video sitemap for video SEO. Both Nelson Lee (the guy in charge of Video sitemaps at Google Videos) and Amy MacIsaac from Google as our featured speakers and we addressed best practices and tips on how to create a XML video sitemap for Google. When you create a video sitemap and submit it to Google, you will have the ability for your video content to be indexed within Google Videos’ index. Once you have your video indexed in Google Videos search index, you’re video will be eligible for inclusion into Google’s other search products, including: Google web search, Google Universal Search, and other search products whereby they serve video results (think TV.) So, while this is a long video, you can actually skip directly to the Video Sitemaps topics of interest: Mark Robertson – Video Sitemaps and Google Video Overview – 04:58 Amy MacIsaac – Video Sitemap Required Elements – 11:10 Nelson Lee – Best Practices for Video Sitemaps – 15:01 Video Sitemap Q&A – 23:56 You can learn more about video sitemaps and about this webinar here: Webinar – SEO Guide for Video – News about Sitemaps – Each day, Google connects millions of users to all types of videos – from 30-second clips to full-length TV episodes. They
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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