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I want to be #1 On Google. “I need to be #1 on google.” We’ve heard it all before, sometimes it’s best to just say “we can’t help you… we only wor…

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25 Responses so far.

  1. Gary Brewer says:

    This says it all!!!!!

  2. Eddy Karimi says:

    This is hilarious!!!

  3. Jackie Bigford says:

    This says it all!!!!!

  4. says:

    This says it all!!!!!

  5. Adrienne McLean says:

    Funny with a message – 

  6. Katherine Garcia says:

    LMAO! So true.

  7. Guido Zecckine III says:

    Just too damn funny! Thanks for laugh.

  8. July Amarillo says:

    Never gets old!

  9. Francois Frederik Marais says:

    love it! I am embedding this one for sure!

  10. Simona Küllmer says:

    i want to be #1 on Google – must see!

  11. JD Dammeier says:

    People in the business will always interact with a customer like this once
    in a while. That’s when the “We are the best” tagline gets put to the

  12. Fahim Sachedina says:

    This is amazing. 

  13. nik jordan says:

    Όλα τα λεφτά”…….

  14. Cyrus De Asis says:

    Nice video! Its funny this is a reality in SEO business

  15. Martin Decelles says:

    Please look at this before calling me…. really

  16. Mohsin Khan says:

    Want To Be No.1 On Google….

  17. SEOCON.IT says:

    … are you f… kidding me?? :)

  18. Dave Erickson Fuentes says:

    “Do you know what a search engine is?” Answer:”Wait let me Google it…”

  19. Philipp Klöckner says:

    Welcome to my life… #seo #google 

  20. Tauseef Azhar says:

    That’s so funny

    I want to be #1 On Google.

  21. Priyanka Srivastava says:

    Must watched by all SEOs… Very Funny

  22. Alexander Schmidt says:


  23. JM Internet Group says:

    Happy Monday! Who wants to be number #1 on search engines? I do, I do!
    Funny video on the subject. NSFW but very funny.

  24. SEO Don Bangalore says:

    Do you know How to become an #1 On #Google ?
    Do #SEO for #websiteoptimization these are the #simple suggestions but
    #watch this #video and get your #own experience about the value of
    #seoservices .

  25. Leanne Rumsey says:

    This is awesome

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