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What was wrong with my SEO?

Question posed by Andy Johnson : What was wrong with my SEO ? I have a site hosted on hostgator I set up there is a mois.C ‘field is a single word that is clearly a mispelling of another mot.Quand I set up the cart on the site, google it came back right at the head of his list when I put in this word quite unusual. This was before any SEO.Maintenant, however, its dropped to the bottom of page 2 This is AFTER doing some basic SEO Host through Gator.A note that the top 3 of my competitors are: 1 ) a photo on a website that someone MyOpera photo submitted by 20 072) a playlist containing a youtube video from 2010 thats been consultations3 500 000) a Tumblr page written in text speak nothing of value there lesDonc all the top 3 do not require specific referencing that particular keyword, even the 500,000 hits on youtube vid would have been little or no search results directly from this obscure word, because they don ‘ is irrelevant to the video happens to be in the title. So I guess the question is: a) what went wrong? and b) what affects the results of the search for a word? We all had the word obv not been picked up by the Google spiders down, so why is mine so far? Is it just a matter of being a popular gathering site gene push me up? MerciIl just have to realize, I have the. and the Net. From this site, the. is the main site with. Net divert to it. When it was first introduced, the Google results. Net. seemed almost “nested”. Now on the Net. (Subvert) is actually thats showing up at bottom of page 2, with the. nowhere to be seen, even as far as page 19 (can not be arsed to go further than to find it because there are 150,000 results) Thanks Jake, monthly statement for the World word is only 320 competition is very faibleMeilleure response: Answer by Jake

The number of links from other sites is an important factor search rankings, even if Google is trying to rely more on social cues. The use of the word in several places in at least one page and should help rank, generally in the header, window title, the text of the image file name and body. You did not mention if there are lots of search volume for that word typo, seeks Typically searches are often unable to get the best conversions, (there may be a higher percentage of drunks that it hits?) Ranking Search takes a while for a new site, try to get another couple of links per day during the first month or two. Classification of posts bounce sometimes, like when Google is in the midst of a change in the algorithm classement.Articles evil of spelling application is called typo squattingIl is a service that specializes in selling traffic misspelled domain type-ins, using a large number of sites each of which receives only a moderate amount of traffic a bad typed urls without the benefit of SEO. I can; ‘t remember their nom.Voici a tool that you could convenirhttp :/ /

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