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What is the best blogging platform?

question AK : What is the best blogging platform I am looking to start a blog with my art work, tutorials and videos time. I made a tumblr, but it looks more like myspace blogging rather than something taken seriously (maybe wrong :/) I heard WordPress is the best. Should I switch to wordpress tumblr or elsewhere? For any site you recommend, what are some tips for generating traffic to that site? Best answer: Response

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You definitely want to go with your own hosted version of WordPress on your own domain It will cost you about $ 50 per year, but it’s worth the peine.Si you are serious on your website, you will need your own domain name if you own your site.Si you want a good traffic to your site, you must do things that happen to better appeal to Google. These include a domain name based on keywords your audience uses already looking for what you have, and a site designed to be search engine friendly. Between the fact that WordPress sites rank very well so there are a number of plugins available to help you with referencing site.Enfin to succeed in getting traffic to your site if need be current and relevant. Having a blog on your website to go with your social networking is one of the primary keys to get traffic to your site. Add your own answer in the comments!

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