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Video search engine optimization to broadcast your business

Video search engine optimization to broadcast your business

Article by Simron Bird

Video search engine optimization to broadcast your business – Search Engines – SE Optimization

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Video, pod casts are the best way of viral marketing to broadcast yourself or your business. Before starting with video seo or video search engine optimization tips, take look on what is video seo about?

Video optimization or video seo or video search engine optimization is strategic process of increasing the search engine rankings your video. Video seo is becoming essential as conventional aspect of search engine optimization now days.

With mixture of Search engine optimization with videos can influence your niche, increase your website traffic and increase visibility of your brand by establishing as a successful search engine marketing company.

Video optimization is becoming more vital as aspect to search engine optimization. The best way to optimize your video substance is to think about the consumer and who you want to engage with your video. Don’t put your videos for the sake of posting a video. Consider your audience, their language, their needs and engagement level. So it is an important trend to utilize video search engine optimization (SEO) as well.

Tips to be follow for running successful video campaigns –

1.Optimize video – If you are planning to upload a video on your site or on any other video portal website then keep below thing on your mind while recording your video or publishing it.

Make sure your that video provides useful and informative content. Don’t try to promote your brand or services otherwise your viewers will confuse. Keep video length around 5 minutes or less.
Use your targeted and relevant keywords in the video’s file name, title, and in the tags, URL and Link Text while considering naming of video.

Create Video site map of your videos and submit it in Google webmaster tool for making it easier for search engines to find all the video content.

Don’t forget to use Brand Logo and Website name in video for increasing your brand visibility.

2. Market video – Market your video by syndicating it on various video portals like you tube, Live Video. Promote it on various social networking and book marking websites.

Choose the right category. Categorizing your videos correctly will make it easier for the “relevancy engine” and also for searchers.

Create video channel that should include Title (, Description, Tags or Keywords. Choose channel design and color same as like your brand look and feel. You also customize channel using brand logo, layout properties and using written by.

Use a video syndication service such as TubeMogul or Traffic Geyser to spread the video quickly across the web. these services can save you a lot of time. Here are some other video syndication sites –

Video Syndication Sites –
MySpace Videos
Yahoo Videos
Google Videos

3. Plan linking strategy for videos – Videos is the evaluated by the linking standards as all other forms of digital content. Internal and external links are the essential for video search engine optimization. Tips for a creating linking strategy for promoting video:

Cross-linking to other videos
Linking to videos from relevant websites.
Linking to videos from various blogs
Tweeting the video
Linking to videos from social media websites.
Book marking the video.
Linking to videos using important keywords in anchor text.

4. Engage viewers to share your videos – Try to engage with your visitors through providing content wroth sharing, in such way so visitors encourage sharing your videos or get video favorited.

Allow and push users to comment on your videos.
Make it easy for users to share your video on You Tube, Twitter, Face book and MySpace.
Allow Users to Rate your Video & Tell a Friend option for more interaction.
Allow other users access to the coding that will allow them to embed video on their website or their blog. Think viral marketing.
Offer video in as possible as much formats so visitor can choose the best platform to watch or to download a video as per their needs.

5. Reuse your videos – When you have expertise with optimizing video then you also reuse video for spreading across the web using creativity.

Put embed videos in blog using various blog platforms like Blogger, WordPress etc.
Put different screenshots of videos and post it on various image sharing sites like Flicker.
Split your longer videos into multiple parts and spread it on web.
Use text of videos for creating blog posts or content for web pages.
Give value to your videos by using it as training videos or for conferences speech.

Well in this way we can broadcast business with the help of video search engine optimization. I would like to hear from you on video seo.
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Simron Bird is associate with leading offshore seo outsourcing company in India offers services of iphone application development, social networking application development and yahoo store development.

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