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The SEO Video Expert Quickly Puts You in the 1st Top Position!

The SEO Video Expert Quickly Puts You in the 1st Top Position!

Article by Ron williams

The SEO Video Expert Quickly Puts You in the 1st Top Position! – Search Engines – SE Optimization

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Official Video Press Release link:

Welcome to our official press release of our New Advanced SEO Video Expert Ranking Service.

We would like to briefly let you know that we are offering a gift that is worth thousands of dollars to the next 50 individuals who sign up as one of our clients. The details are at the end of this video.

This is an Official Video Press Release, October 10, 2008:
The SEO Video Expert company, a division of Mission Prosperity LLC, is pleased to announce the release of it’s New Advanced Web SEO Video Expert Ranking Service.

The president Ron Williams says, ”our company offers an exclusive hi-tech service that helps your web site instantly reach the very top position on all major search engines”. It’s a real breakthrough, says Williams, and we have mastered the techniques and have developed proprietary software that puts your website on top of the world.

Bringing your web site to the top #1 position in the search engines is a very time consuming and a costly procedure which normally takes several months to achieve – even for the most savvy SEO professional. The SEO Video Expert prepares a sleek designed video infomercial and puts you on the first page of search engines in a matter of a couple of days only.

Williams was pleased to announce, after several months of intense testing, after launching the SEO Video Expert services for several websites, the results have been totally fabulous by achieving the # 1 search engine ranking in Google, MSN & Yahoo using video infomercials and extremely qualified keywords.

Williams noted that all his clients are achieving top search engine ranking really fast which brings qualified traffic to their websites, as well as significant internet marketing advertisement savings.

Despite the hard work involved in setting up the SEO Video Expert platform, it has really paid off and it produces powerful instant results to our clients, which Williams highly recommends to business owners, professionals and online marketers.

Williams continues to explain that research shows that 70 percent of users prefer clicking on organic links over sponsored links – especially if they are videos links.

Williams also states “organic algorithmic listings in search indexes changes daily with new site submissions, algorithm changes and your competitors getting smarter. This means, with traditional SEO, the task of maintaining good rankings is never done.

Yet, with our SEO Video Expert techniques, which all the search engines are meticulously looking out for,

your investment for SEO is always at the top of Search Engine technology requirements with an endless online phenomenal video demand.

Today’s CEO want more ROI accountability, says Williams, and more and more CEOs are realising, in a measurable way, to boost marketing ROI – study has found that companies who run a significantly higher natural organic search engine optimization are not susceptible to click fraud.

It is obviously imperative to invest in fresh updated quality content and search-engine-friendly web site architecture, Williams says,

yet, since the video content is in such a high demand with all the Search Engines, and, according to statistics,

it should continue for years to come, meaning your SEO reaches it peak performance very quickly, and for long term SEO investment planning as wellby using powerful proven video infomercial content.

The idea behind SEO Video Expert is simple: To quickly connect businesses with their targeted customers. Unlike many other Search Engines Optimization specialists,

Williams says that SEO Video Expert finally provides a new Search Engine Optimization video service that brings instant and long term results which allows CEOs to get the best return on their investment.
To learn more about the SEO Video Expert with its exciting SEO Starter package available and to see how you can benefit from the world’s most cost-effective SEO Video Expert benefits and discounts, you may visit the company’s website. The Web address is

Or, you may call the SEO Video Expert president Ron Williams directly on the company’s toll free number by dialing 1-877-777-8848

About the Author

Ron Williams is…
– An expert SEO specialist (Search Engine Optimization)
– A webmaster and software developer
– A multi-disciplinary businessman
– A published author and speaker
– A professional recording artist
– A unique Radio & TV producer
– A business & personal coach
– A supporter of his wife’s Foundation –

Mission Prosperity LLC
Mission Prosperity Foundation LLC
Direct Toll Free: 1-877-777-8848

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whereby the original author’s information and copyright must be included.

Ron williams

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