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Start Using WordPress To Create A Website It’S Free

Start Using WordPress To Create A Website It’S Free

Article by Jono Wilson

Start Using WordPress To Create A Website ItS Free – Web 2.0 – Blogs

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Popularity of using WordPress to create a website has exploded into an amazing free self building website medium.

It is open source software to create websites, live on-line, which means you do not have to spend hours recording all you coding as you simply log in and there it is, andit is free to use and download.

Initially designed as a blogging forum, it has spread like a virus on how to create a basic website and the fact that Google loves which only adds excitement to your ranking and visitors.

It is like using a big document like Microsoft Word and just understanding how it works, and they even provide internal guidance, reminders and tips. Once you know and understand the system you will fly, better then any Red Bull you have tried!

To create a website WordPress system you need to know nothing about all these geeky HTML codes and java script, so even if you have never tried to build a website it is very easy. It is given to you on a silver plate, in simple English.

The days of using HTML editors like Front Page, Dreamweaver and Note Pad editors are of Jurassic Park time, where now they have a built in HTNL editor for creating pages and posts.

Setting up a WordPress blog is as simple as attaching your domain name and off you go!

Once you have attached the system you simply log in, decide on a Free theme (thousands to choose from) and build WordPress website form scratch.

The meat of using WordPress to create a website is plugins, these are what transfers your website into this breath taking websites and they are free too. The sky is the limit the only restriction, is your imagination as there is themes and plugins to cater for any website style or character.

Content for your website is as simple as writing an article, Google loves this blogging platform, but more soloves unique content!

The features are unlimited; you can add contact forms, social media sharing buttons, seo (search engine optimization) systems, voting, commenting and even monetize your sites for advertising.

Step by step video tutorial on how to make a website is the best way to learn progressing at your own pace without spending a fortune on doing a course. All you have to do is watch the video pause and apply, and watch the magic happen before you very own eyes. The most difficult step is to take action, that is, get a domain and hosting account and then rig it up.

The amount of people I have come across who have invested in some amazing software and left frustrated and angry as they have no clue what it is, most are looking for the execution file. WordPress does not have an execution file it is a plugin, all you have to do is connect your domain first then you can upload it.

Advantage of using WordPress to create a website is the time factor; you can have it built within a day!

About the Author

My name is Jonathan Wilson and I will be using wordpress to create a website created with the WP Simplicity plugin. I am going to show you how easy it is to build a website through this free on-line web building system.

The website will guide you step by step with articles and YouTube video demonstration and tutorials

Please feel free to watch the live YouTube Video demonstration on this secret weapon I use to build my websites

Good Luck…and Enjoy!

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Jono Wilson

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