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SEO Expert Global Service?

Question by Aiden Connors: SEO Expert Global Service?
I’ve seen a number of Press Releases talking about a new SEO services company called SEO Expert Global and was wondering how their services could help my business.
Has anybody used their services?

Best answer:

Answer by Sophie Jack
We hired a SEO firm 18 months ago to do some SEO work on our site and still our site was no where to be seen on the net. Our friend referred us to SEO Expert Global Just a few months ago, and we decided to give them a try. The work we need doing was SEO to help with our ranking. After a lengthy analysis of our site, SEO Expert recommended a few things to help us move the ranking ladder quickly. Now I don’t know much about SEO but what the recommended makes sense. Things like, backlink building, Keyword optimization, on page optimization for all my pages including my meta and image tags. But not only that they recommended that I try Video marketing as well. I am a sceptic I am after the last SEO firm I employed to do all this in the first place.

Low and behold

I noticed that for the last two weeks, our website rank even higher and we are no longer trying to catch up with our competition, so they must be doing a good job!

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