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This involves first writing an article about a topic that is related to your website. After that, you need to place a link to your website somewhere within the article. Many website owners choose to place this link in the resource box of their article.Download, install and run blogging software such as WordPress on the server of your website. This process is fairly easily and comes with clear instructions and support if needed.First, understand that there are lots of different ways to use article marketing. You can write articles and submit them to directories like and You can write articles and offer them directly to other webmasters with sites related to the topic. You can even offer to write guest posts on other people’s blogs or websites.Other SEO tools that are useful are the back links. If you hve links from other sites, the search engines consider you as a site with relevant information. What it means is that the more the number o flinks you have coming from outside, the more popular you are. You may have links with other website that sell related products and have links coming from their sites. So, whatever traffic is attracted t these sites may also come to you. Similarly, you may also use anchor links, which is the preferred back link mode by search engines. This can be done by placing your links to keywords in articles that you may submit to article directories, blogs or forums. Search engines may not consider if you have done excessive link swapping. Links can help in getting your site higher rankings.Since search engine optimization is deeply rooted in technology, so too does the changes that go with it. We all know that technology changes at a fast pace. Computers grow smaller, search engines grow smarter and more complex, and what may work perfectly five years ago, may not work at all, or worse, may even cause more harm than good.SEO professionals use search engine optimization tools for optimization. Some search engine optimization tools are software programs which are designed keeping in mind SEO techniques and methods. There are hundreds of free search engine optimization tools available nowadays. These free SEO tools can be searched and downloaded from the internet. As there are multitudes of free SEO tools, the choice is always difficult.Also due to the improvement of the Internet technologies you will be able to attend such courses even if they are not located in your country. For most of the courses you will be able to contact your teacher via special software and make video and audio conference with him and there you will be able to ask him or her questions and also to hear what he or she has to say for you.One very important thing that I want to share is that Search Engines have advanced to an age where content is less critical than context. Search Engine algorithms have been refined constantly to make sure that they rank pages according to the context.The idea is to make your keywords more unique and relevant than those used by your competitors. While deciding on the content of your website try and use as many Internet media elements as you can. While the content has to remain relevant at all times always include pictures, videos, articles and blogs on your website. This provides the search engines with more elements to use for referring to your website.Internet Business without Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a big drawback for companies who have developed their business for profits. There is a need of SEO friendly websites and SEO friendly blogs to get into top pages of search engines.Internet videos are no doubt the biggest wave to hit the market in recent years. It has progressed not only as a way to share recorded television shows on the web but also as an instrument that can help internet marketers succeed. If you look at the internet today, it is easy to see that a “video revolution” is on the move. Everything from search engines, ecommerce websites, blogs, forums, and portfolio websites contain videos.To make money fast, you have to outdo those who are vying for the same niche market attention which you seek. One way which you can turn this into a reality, is by implementing video marketing. While you may have heard of video marketing in the past, there are very few online marketers who are utilizing this valuable tool. As such, you have the opportunity to exploit this marketing channel, and make money fast in the process.

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