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Q&A: most efficient link structure (SEO)?

Question by Nobuhiko Abe: most efficient link structure (SEO)?
I have question on most effective link structure for my new series of websites.

I am developing series of hotel booking website by country.
All of these sites are important and they are not satellite site or blog.

Currentry there are no outgoing link from these websites.

Number of websites:15 websites
Domain :Using expired domain which was used for hotel booking websites before.
Number of pages:Each website has about 30+pages(Orijinal Contents)
Hosting:5 separate hosting company
Website template:Using same template(wordpress)

Websites are already uploaded to web 1month ago,
and Currently they don’t have very small amount of visitors as I expected.

Now I need to start most efficient Link Structure for these sites.

All These websites are about hotel booking.

Shoud I link all of them each other?

Or shoud I link them like this below?

Or shoud I make them in 3 group (5 website each) then link each other?

Or I shoud not do any link exchange within these website?

I would like to know most efficient way to start.

I am not interested to buy any links, Please avoid answer about buying links.

I also welcome answers which introduce me good online based SEO consultant.

Best answer:

Answer by Ben
Hi, I’m an SEO consultant based in the UK.

I don’t think you should plan any sort of “link structure” between your sites and instead focus initially on building external links as that is where the challenge lies.

Once you have your external link juice, you can direct it accordingly. Also, whilst we’re talking about efficiency, why do you need 15 sites instead of one? This would most certainly allow a brand a to gain a reputation which is far more powerful than SEO.


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