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Q&A: How can I get my commercial website optimized?

Question by oldsalt: How can I get my commercial website optimized?
I have no idea how it happened, but my site shows up as number 20 on a list of 15,500 entries. If I get all of my friends to google the site every day, will it eventually get into the top ten listings? I do not have $ 20,000 a month to pay for having the site optimized.
If you google “How to become a supernurse”
is is number 20, or at least it was this morning.

Best answer:

Answer by Patrick
I think your question should be how to promote your websites. You need to know some of the web marketing strategies and techniques. Optimize your websites is just one of the techniques.

There is a lot of way to advertise either free or at a very low cost online. These are broadly classified into 3 main area. 1) Buy Traffic 2)Build Traffic and 3)Steal Traffic. All of these are trying to get more visitor to visit your websites and eventually know more of your invention and get the products from you.

I normally use (2) and (3) as some of these methods are often free or at a low cost.

Find out more from the link in my profile, it tell you how to setup a successful online business including the ways for better marketing online. It will tell you what are these steps, the reason for each step, how you could go around doing it and where you could get the necessary resources free or at a low price.

Hope that it will be useful to you.

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