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Q&A: How can i gain more views and subscribers?

Question by tez425: How can i gain more views and subscribers?
My youtube channel is still rather new. I make videos about military life (one video isn’t doing too bad), relationships, anime/gaming, and teaching Japanese. Its a lot but this is what my life consist of. I have 4 subscribers but how can I get more? I get channels views everyday but how can I boost the number of channel views? Give me any tips you can possible provide. I will thank and accept any tips but the best answer will go to the best advice.

Best answer:

Answer by The mailman!
use a lot of key words that a lot of people will google and youtube search, such as charlie bit me, cute kitten, vlog, super, amazing, fail, funny video, serious video, etc.
It’ll show up more often which will give you more chance of getting views. Also have catchy titles, in capital letters.


This’ll give you a greater audience.

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