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Q&A: A Serious IT Job Dilemma. Guys Please suggest?

Question by tensed: A Serious IT Job Dilemma. Guys Please suggest?
I have completed my Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology in 2010 from Mumbai. After 6 months of job search i joined a KPO in 2011 as a Analyst working on Content Management System till present. I am seeing no future in it and want to switch immediately for a better career. The pay is less too.

The main problem is – I am not at all good at programming and want to opt for a non/less programming job. I have come across few options like Testing, Network Admin and i am reading more information before i start applying.

Can you all please provide a good insight on the options you think i can opt for ? You can also provide any links of forums where i can ask this question.

Thank you very much.

Best answer:

Answer by Corman
unfortunately half of the jobs max listed will require that you write code:

build engineering
SEO specialist
programming analyst
video game/software tester

all are programming jobs.

the rest are viable options that don’t require programming. although having a background in programming/scripting is desirable in all IT fields. good luck in your search and try not to listen to people like this MaX guy who obviously don’t work in IT.

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