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Q & A: generation of varieties SNSD / Girl ‘s?

question ENGELSK : SNSD / Girl ‘s Generation variety shows Anyone can make a list of snsd show was on? No general variety shows like Star Golden Bell or Family Outing but only seasons or series are simply based on them as Hello Baby Season 2 or the story behind SNSD. (So, if anyone can, can you provide some pictures tell me who is who in SNSD? Am just a beginner in the synthesis stuff, and I often had my sister coach me by other groups, but did not know much about SNSD. During the leat, the names of members?>. < .) Oh one more thing, on YouTube, there are usually underlying official channels or official business which is one of NDSS? (This is my first time to learn about a group like that, I learned all about SHINee in a flash, so much detail will be appreciated, such as jobs (Chief, rapper, maknae) and their first album, etc. Thanks: D) Best answer:

response by Sweden Åland love
I can not help you with variety shows, sorry. : P But I did say that they pictures sont!

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