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Platinum Video Marketing Review

Platinum Video Marketing Review

Article by Tuitui

Platinum Video Marketing Review – Marketing

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Video marketing is becoming more and more popular as a way to promote websites and that’s mainly because it allows you to build up an unlimited amount of FREE,targeted and REAL traffic using all the BIGGEST and most POPULAR video sharing sites!

However,lots of people find it hard to use video marketing as an advertising source due to several factors including the struggle and confusion of making your own videos plus the dreaded hours of time it takes to upload enough of them to generate some decent traffic.Then finally when you do eventually upload a few vids,they never seem to lots of views and always end up on page 23 of youtube.

It doesn’t matter what business or product you are promoting because its almost guaranteed that there is MASSIVE competition on the big video sharing sites like youtube.
That doesn’t mean to say that video marketing is a total waste of time and if you follow my simple but proven promotional methods,you will wonder why you never used video marketing sooner.

During my whole 5 year career of working in the online business industry I’ve never discovered a better FREE way to generate some BIG and TARGETED traffic!

EVERY video that you upload to youtube has the potential to get at LEAST 5 views [average] per month,I’m saying that as a very LOW estimate!Imagine if you knew of a way to upload HUNDREDS or possibly even THOUSANDS of videos to several different video sharing sites [including youtube] in the space of just a few weeks!

Well that’s where Platinum Video Marketing comes in!

So What Is Platinum Video Marketing?

Platinum Video Marketing or PVM (for short) is a 3 part video training series that covers EVERYTHING from creating these unlimited promotional videos to uploading them to 5 of the most POPULAR video sharing sites which include youtube and vimeo AUTOMATICALLY!Watch over my shoulder as I show the WHOLE process of starting a video marketing campaign that will start driving an AVALNCHE of traffic to your website.

Let’s break it down a bit!Firstly you will learn how to create these HIGHLY converting and high IMPACT promotional presentation videos the QUICK way.Once you have made one video,you can then creating unlimited unique versions of that ONE video.

After that,I will show you my SECRET video marketing WEAPON which allows you to upload EACH of these edited videos to 5 of the biggest and most popular sharing sites and it does this all automatically while you watch TV!

Then I will show you how to start using the keyword research skills that you gain within the course to DOMINATE youtube in your niche or area of topic.

My goal is to get you hundreds,if not thousand of videos out their and LIVE on the internet in your very first week,all of which point back to YOUR website,there really is NO limit to this kind of video marketing!

Why pay for software of services to do video marketing or other types of marketing for you when you can LEARN the skills you NEED to do it yourself!

PLUS It’s skills that you LEARN Once but they last for a LIFETIME!

Let’s say you harness the power of Platinum Video Marketing and you create your very first promo video today!You can then use the skills that you gain to create several unique versions of it!THEN you upload EACH of them AUTOMATICALLY to 5 of the TOP video sharing sites,the potential of how many you can upload is UNLIMITED and all the FREE traffic is there to be GRABBED!

Remember:EVERY video that you upload will get at least 5 views per month!

Imagine if you stuck at the target of uploading just 50 videos a day for the first month,that would give you a total of 1400 videos LIVE on the internet by day 30 AND all of them pointing back to your website!At the average of just 5 hits per month,that’s a TON of FREE traffic that will continue to come in MONTH after MONTH after MONTH,GROWING each time you upload more UNIQUE videos.Imagine what would happen if you up loaded 100 or more per day!

Keeping in mind that Platinum Video Marketing is going to show you how to create several different version of EACH ONE video that you make,THEN your going to upload them to the 5 different sites.So to achieve the target of uploading 100 videos a day,you would only need to set up 20 videos which can be done in less than an hour!

The More Videos You Have….The More FREE Traffic You Will Get!

Not only that but I’m going to show you how to take video marketing to the next level by eliminate your competition with video S.E.O.Every site that I have ever built in the past gets a massive amount of traffic,a large percentage of which comes from video sharing sites after I have blasted out videos constantly!

I call it a VIDEO LAUNCH!

Unlike any other traditional video marketing course,I’m not just going to show you how to blast out 100s of videos,I’m also going to show you how to get your videos ranked well within google AND the video sharing sites themselves.Your videos will shoot up the rankings and above your competition resulting in an AVALANCHE of FREE Traffic.

You will be shocked at how easy it is to do a bit of video seo to outwhit your competitors.Not many people know these skills which just makes it ALL the more powerful for you because it means your competition is way behind its time when it comes to video marketing.I’m a PROFESSIONAL search engine marketing producer so it’s my DAY JOB to get websites on page 1 of google so you can be SURE your learning PROVEN and WORTHWHILE methods,backed up!

Whether your looking to just set up your own videos or you really want to build up traffic using the power of video marketing,Platinum Video Marketing is exactly what your looking for.

What You Will Learn!-Platinum Video Marketing Breakdown!



For a start,Platinum Video Marketing is completely unique and it takes video marketing to the next level with video s.e.o.Your not just going to learn how to make promotional videos ready to BLAST them out to all the biggest sites.Your also going to learn how to get those videos well ranked to bring even MORE views,resulting in MORE free traffic which lasts forever!For more on information on the background of platinum video marketing and how it came about,visit the about page via the button below!

So many people try to build websites around targeted keywords to try and rank well on google.Did you know that each and every youtube video that you upload has the potential to rank on page one of google?I’m sure you’ve done a search before and discover a video on page one for certain keywords.

I’m going to show you how these guys do it,step by step!The good news is that you don’t even need to do any

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