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nature of google SEO to youtube views?

Question by Lena S: nature of google SEO to youtube views?
Hi, I’m hoping someone can help me with this…

I’m looking into whether or not to use a service such as to generate some youtube hits on clients videos (i.e. Will having so many hits from a service like this will actually help SEO within google/other search sites, or could hurt it as spammy results.

Any suggestions???


Best answer:

Answer by Jake
There’s a variety ways of faking views, including software robots, their fraud detection system recognizes patterns of bouncing without waiting for the video to play or other unnatural patterns, like a visit exactly every 60 seconds, or known proxy IP addresses.

Micro task sites like, shorttask, microworkers are good sources for people working for pennies, you could require them to report something found on the last frame to insure longer view times.

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