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How to make my website On Google’s First Page ?

Question by Mina: How to make my website On Google’s First Page ?
I am Promoting products and want to show my video/Website on the first page on google

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Answer by DigitalPugs Media
Hi Meena,

You need to hire a smart SEO services providing company. This is the best solution for you to come on first page.

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  1. Daniel L Sanchez says:

    Hi Meena,

    You should hire a SEO Company but since the inauguration of Google, there have always been SEOs who aim to game the system to get their clients ranked faster. While using popular shortcuts can certainly gain short-term visibility in the SERPs, the consequences for your website usually aren’t worth it in the long run.

    Be careful which company you’re going to hire if you do choose to hire one. Make sure you don’t pay too little or too much. Ask around for prices and ask them what exactly would they be doing for your website to rank on search engines. If they’re a little dodgy or won’t give you clear and direct answers, look for another company.

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    Hope this helps!

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