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How to make my video more popular?

Question by Arcadia: How to make my video more popular?
I’ve tried messaging people to check it out, sharing it on Facebook and Twitter, but I will need some more ways to make my videos popular. I do make interesting topics, and good quality.

Best answer:

Answer by Ivana Walker
Explain your good topics.
Sometimes social media sites don’t truly cut it. This is why I wander around on the YouTube side of yahoo answers so I can help people. Even though I’m younger than most of you guys I’m surprisingly helpful.

I would say first for people to be attracted to watch the video, make a thumbnail that looks weird or pertaining to the video.

If you’re into pc games start by recording (with fraps) a game that is popular. (GTA, Saints Row, Sims 3)

Make rant videos and add music in the background. Not music that you can get copyright for. Ask the people who made it first.

If you have more questions ask on my channel.

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