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How do I start advertising my new website?

issue by ghanes14 : How do I start advertising my new website I’m looking for ways to get out in the web of public ways preferably free my site. My site is the comments (now film and games), you can see here I started with Google AdWords (which does not help). Any ideas would be appreciated, but try to keep it as cheap as possibleness I run a free site (no profit to help pay for this stuff) Best answer:.

response GW
Submit your site to Yahoo, Google, etc. Once you do that continuously monitor the traffic to your site with Google Analytics or a similar tool, tweaking various things up ‘that you are comfortable with the level of growth of the site. At this stage, you should be able to generate revenus.http :/ / / info / submit.htmlhttp :/ / / intl / en / submit_content.html

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