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How do I get traffic to my youtube videos…. (seo style)?

Question by : How do I get traffic to my youtube videos…. (seo style)?
First off – I know all the basics, ie. make a unique video, don’t rant, use a good camera… etc.

5 years ago, I posted a few how to videos on youtube. about 6 months to 1 year after the posts, they all took off! One particularly took off and got me a ton of traffic.

Now I’m back in the game and my videos just dont seem to take off like they used to.

Ive been:

-using google keyword tool to name the videos by in demand keywords
-adding my url in the description along with description and keywords
-making appropriate tags (i’ve been typing in what comes up in the youtube search bar and listing my tags in the order of what comes up)

is there anything i’m missing?

my videos are way better now, ie. better camera, better editing, better videos…

how does youtube and google rank their videos? Is it by initial likes, subscribers, views, how long its been post, frequency of authors posts, etc?

thanks guys!

Best answer:

Answer by Lenny Winkle
There’s a lot involved and you need to be constantly researching and keeping up with the latest google changes and how to optimize everything for seo and then ultimately giving the people what they want.

If you’re videos are good people will watch them and sharethem naturally so all you can really do is make sure you’re following seo best practices like this: and then let the people who see your videos do the rest.

Just make sure you don’t do anything to make google mad at you.

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