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How do I design a website has an Internet savvy customer can not update?

Question by Ryan A : How do I design a website is a non-Internet savvy customer can update I’m a web designer working on an independent project for three small businesses. They are not technology. savvy in the least, if I want to create a website thatthey are able to maintain. They already own the domain names and hosting besoin.Y there hosting companies affordable only allow me to download the files as a “model” thatthey can enter and edit content? Best Answer :

response Finian L
are three main tools do-it-yourself site builder software Web.1) Site Build ItSite Build It is a leading file do it yourself package design website therefore includes web hosting and promotion tools site.Pour a video tour of the advantages of Site Build It click here: html2) Thirdsphere.Thirdsphere similar design is very popular all-in-one web and web hosting package. It therefore includes its own e-book publisher in the package – so there is no need to look around more tools if you want to publish your own e-book.Cliquez here for more details on Thirdsphere: http :/ / 1956199319.thirdsphereplus.com3) XSitePro.XSitePro is very useful if you want to design multiple websites and keep your costs low. Again, the features are very advanced and allow anyone to build their own e-commerce website without any technical skills conception.Cliquez here for more details XSitePro: = w = home & twinkle

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