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How do I create a website and build an online business?

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Well, it’s quite a big question that I will go two étapesSi you do not have programming knowledge, the best way to set up a website to be use the free wordpress you can download software: This gives you more options and you can add what are the themes and loads of plugins can do many things including speeding your site and help SEO rankings. Once you have downloaded the software (which is free by the way), you can install it on a local server using the free software called MAMP using this tutorial: 2 … and you can develop your site locally (meaning that it will not live). You can add content and writing and electronic themes free download online commerce – just search on google. Then instead whenyour is complete and you are ready to go live you will need to purchase web hosting. To set up my site I have used the company JustHost. I used the hosting cost £ 65 for three years and included the domain name when you save the configuration. Then you need to transfer your site from local to live. There is not a tutorial on here: … Once you have done that your site will be online and you can work on SEO, advertising and getting the word NOTE – If you do not use MAMP or equivalent and if you do not need to develop your site before it becomes when you can just buy hosting as most hosting companies that JustHost offer free WordPress Installation and some even offer online video tutorials to help you démarrer.La second part is how to build your online business. The steps you would follow to do this may vary depending on the size of your shop, if you sell multiple products Whether you sell downloadable products or if you just want a sales page selling a single product. If you sell many products then the best thing to do would be to find some sort of e-commerce system can be downloaded WordPress Plugins:. As eshop or press shopper or you can find another solution ecommerce software by searching google. Once you have found an ecommerce solution that you enter your product information Shipping Info, etc. If you want to sell downloadable products more then you could do the same as above, but I would not recommend either the ClickBank software or PayLoadz. However, if you sell a downloadable product as many pages of sale then you can use ClickBank However I would recommend signing up for PayPal Website Payments Standard. This service is free, however, takes a percentage (between 2-3.5%) of each sale. You can then enter your information on the product and set up a product page for payment, including adding your own logo. Then, in order to distribute the product to your customers, you can either set up a download page and preventDefault Google index and link to paypal page after the customer has completed payment, but it leaves your product at risk of piracy anyone can share the link. To do this, you can either use the preventDefault product DLGuard whichwill protect your products but it costs extra. What I recommend instead is completely free to download this script: You then use FTP client that you download free download the script with your store located inside. This left on your paypal account and that once the customer has completed payment They instantly receive an email with a download link does not reveal the actual location of your download and expires after the time you définissez.Une time you got everything setup, then you will need to spend a lot of time on your site optimization it, advertising and get visitors to your site.J hope this helped, I Made thatthis may not be exactly what you looking but you have not given enough information on exactly what kind of thing you are looking to set up if you click on my profile or send e-mail to then I will be happy to provide more detailed help for free if you give me more information. Thank you

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