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Friend Put Free Copy of my Book on the Internet!!!?

Question by : Friend Put Free Copy of my Book on the Internet!!!?
I’m so stunned, I can barely type. I have a elderly friend in his 60’s. He makes a good part-time income doing Internet Marketing. When I told him I was a good writer, he told me how he made money putting a book on Amazon kindle. So I wrote a short non-fiction book (40 pages) and did the same. It turned out awesome since I know Graphic Design and made a fantastic cover. I started getting a few sales right away. I sent him a PDF copy of the book (password protected), just to get his opinion. He was impressed. So a week or two later, I’m googling the title of my book and I see a web page telling people how they could get a free copy??? The link went to one of those pages where you have to fill out a survey before getting the download. I know for a fact he’s affiliate for this survey company, that pays marketers .25 to $ 3.00 everytime someone fills out a survey. He had actually sent me a link for the same company during the same online chat that I sent him the PDF copy of my book!!!! He mentioned it was a good way to make money, lol.

I’m stunned he would do this! He’s older and like a father figure always giving me advice. It’s a short book, but I spent about 4 months working on it! With downloadable copies being made available on the internet, it’s sure to kill my sales in the long run. I sent him a scathing facebook message, he has yet to reply too. He hasn’t returned my facebook message, but I know he’s seen it. He’s always on facebook posting affiliate links in news feed, trying to make money off his facebook friends. I always knew he was an oportunist, but not to this degree. Why screw over a friend for a couple of bucks?

I need advice on what to do as far as my book is concerned. I’m going to contact that survey website and have them take the link down, since it’s blatant copyright infringement! This may or may not work. He could easily offer it through another survey affilate program. Should I change the title of my book and take it off Amazon for now? It’s only been out a month and I haven’t done any major marketing yet. I would hate to invest money promoting it as is, when people can just google the title and see they can get a free copy by filling out a stupid survey. I have learned my lesson and will never trust this jerk again. In the meantime, what should I do about my book?

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Answer by ♥♪Ichigo.Kurosaki♥♪
get it down immediately someone may steal your idea

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