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Free Download Software

Free Download Software

Article by Cool Software

Software can be an expensive investment, especially if there are multiple programs that need to be downloaded. If you are in the market for analytics tool software, there are hundreds of programs with some prices being higher than others. Fortunately, sites like make it possible to download an analytics tools for free. Avoid overpaying for pricey programs and follow these simple tips to begin your free download software today. offers an innovative plug-in for Firefox browsers to use with Clickbank, called CB Surge. This application allows you to look at product titles on Clickbank and categorizes them into marketable and not marketable products. Usually, determining the marketability of products on Clickbank takes hours and hours of trial and error; with this convenient plug-in, that work is cut out, leaving you with the simple knowledge of what will make you money and what might be a bad investment.

CB Surge also allows for keyword searching, allowing you to see the marketability of specific keywords and the exact difficulty rating that word gets. CB Surge takes a look at all facets of marketing to determine a marketability of a product. They examine such factors as: top ten ranked websites, page titles of top ten pages, and keywords on the pages themselves. Once they gather this information for each website, they put it into an algorithm that determines the marketability of a product.

With CB Surge, you’ll discover a wealth of information for each product. You’ll know the Alexa ranking, whether or not videos or exit popups are being utilized, and if opt-in forms exists. Of course, this is all information you can research yourself, but CB Surge saves you time by doing the work for you.

CB Surge has already helped hundreds of online marketers in their Clickbank efforts. This plug-in is downloadable for free at

Install it in your FireFox browser and go to the Clickbank Marketplace. You’ll be amazed at what you see!

One cool thing it does it tell you if a product is worth promoting with Seo traffic.

Promoting any product with SEO will always convert into more sales when the visitors are searching for the

” product name keyword “. It’s no secret… The visitor is already in the buying mode! But the problem with

this is knowing WHICH products are worth spending your time doing SEO for your research.

P.S. Watch for the OPTIONAL upgrade offer that allows you to get YOUR
affiliate links on 16,000 + Clickbank marketplace products !

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