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Web Marketing Desk Reference All-in-One For Dummies Reviews

Web All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies

 Web Marketing All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies Everyone does – Web marketing, that is. Building an online presence is vital to your business, and if you’re looking for Web marketing real-world experiences, look no farther than Web Marketing All-in-One For Dummies.These mini-eight pounds Web marketing break into pieces understandable, with many examples from an author team of experts. The mini-books cover: Establishing a Web Presence Search Engine Marketing Blogging OptimizationWeb AnalyticsE-Mail and Social Media Podcasting Mark

List Price: $ 34.99 Price : $ 2.94

Metrics with Google Analytics Advanced Web

Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics Are you getting the most out of your website ? Google insider and web expert Brian Clifton reveals measures the information you need to get an accurate picture of the impact of your site and stay competitive using Google Analytics (GA) and the latest web settings methodologies. Which marketing campaigns are most effective and how can you quantify their success? What indicators should follow? Packed with techniques and insider secrets not documented elsewhere, this book has the expert guidance you need to improve your

List Price: $ 39.99 Price : $ 6.00

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